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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 17, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. this season winner on dancing with the house boys, i didn't flip it once. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show, old sport? >> don't mess with texas, america. i'm told if you do they will treat you ugly. don't know what that means. don't want to know what that means. don't mess with texas. and is president obama's bus tour about jobs orie election? and -- or re-election? and either way shouldn't he be impeached? and how macho men are more likely to die in an accident. should the village people be worried 1234*. >> happy national flip shop day.
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>> i don't let a smudge put mooy off. >> and having somebody else's dna could be helpful at the trial. >> that is a side benefit that helps with my cor did -- sordid hobo crime. >> you should see my secondhand rogues. >> have you gotten more since sunday night? >> how did you though about that? >> i would love to. >> you asked if i had gotten more since sunday night. >> did i? >> yes. >> did i? >> i think so. >> did i? >> i guess not. >> let's welcome our guests. well she is so hot that her sun block has to wear sun block. i am here with kimberly gilfow. and she is so bright her mirror has to wear sunglasses when she is facing said mirror. fox news contributor, new york daily news column mist -- columnist of "the five" and no prison will hold him. but a lot of prisoners will.
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my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. and he is a journalist, publisher and pundit. bill crystal does it all. he was busy so here is tucker carlson. and all of the -- of all of the papers he gives us the vapors. our "new york times" cory spawnent did. good to see you, pinch. >> journalism 101, headline. a heading indicates subject matter set in large type and in the copy and containing one or more words and lines. today was obama bus tour turns up the heat. ♪ feel the heat ♪ pushing you to decide ♪ feel the heat burning you up ♪ ♪ ready or not. ♪ shoat. ♪ some like it hot ♪ and some sweat when the heat is on ♪ the additional copy written by the super group power station.
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never want to play plagiarize. >> is it robert palmer's birthday today? >> he was part of the super group that featured two members of duran-duran. >> i i don't follow michele bachmann's career. >> are things looking merry for perry? the answer is very. according to a new rasmusson poll, the texas governor holds a double-digit lead in the race to become the magical wizard of flyover country. sorry, the republican nominee. he is getsing 20% of likely voters with romney at 18% and bachmann at 19% and ron paul at 9%. not all perry news is good perry news. during a speech in iowa, a state on monday night, the hopeful hair due -- hair do was asked about the federal reserve and here is what he said. >> if this guy brings more
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money between now and the election, i don't know what you would do to him in iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly. printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost treason in my opinion. >> i was hypnotized by that pattern. i didn't hear a word he said. his choice of words were condemned by the left. jay carney, if that's his real name saying threatening the fed chairman is probably not a good idea, and some on the right were not pleased either. >> you don't accuse the chairman of the federal reserve of being a traitor to his country, of being guilty of treason and suggesting we treat him ugly in texas. that's not, again, a presidential statement. >> finally on the heels of a "new york times" report that texas is one of the highest
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percentages of minimum wage workers democratic congressman and ethics expert charlie wrangle tells the new york observer, quote, it is one stage away from slavery, i understand, the salaries are. making the minimum wage is one stage away from slavery. just ask the hunch cat of notre dame. that will never not make me laugh. >> it was like a thriller video. >> it is amazing. are these poll numbers impressive? those are your only two choices. >> of course they are impressive. he is leading the field. the field is weak and that's why he is leading it. and the new guy gets a good bump. >> it is a good point though. it this because he is the new kid in town, the new kid in class who is tall and muscular and has gray hair?
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>> i don't know how tall he is, but he definitely is muscular and has gray hair which doesn't hurt. he is the new guy in town. he hasn't been put out positively. the president actually came out today and addressed perry head on which i look at obama doing that and i say he is nervous. for a president to address a presidential candidate, he was defensive. but i will say bush doesn't like bush and -- bush doesn't like perry and perry doesn't like bush. i don't know maybe i will get in trouble, but i will say that. >> and that's where it will come from. >> we are ready for karl rove and perry to say more things. >> kimberly, did what he say about bernanke, what is the big deal? he didn't mean it. he was hanging out and just
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talking. >> he is being uh authentic. if you like rick perry you will like that statement. a lot of americans are like the man -- manchur eight n candidate thing. a man with a something, something. a meat and potatoes guy. was it his best moment? no. the turtle and the hare race. he plays it slow and steady. he may in the end beat the hare. i. >> i don't think it is right to be beating rabbits. have you been analyzing since 1968. what is your take on this one? >> no matter what bernanke said, isn't it more treasonist to saw seed from the sewn yuan? -- from the union? i don't know i have to look up the current laws. i would also say he is very tight with his economic numbers and that has a lot to do with minimum wage jobs, but he has the eighth highest poverty rate in the nation. if jobs are his problem, so is
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the poverty rate. and the 14th highest crime rate per capita. the reason no one messes with texas is because they have been messing with each other. >> how can a democrat -- i call this the texas two step. they say he gets lucky with jobs, number one. and the jobs he has aren't important because they are minimum wage. how can a democrat say that when they haven't created one single job? >> anyone foolish enough to work for less than $12 is over the top. we can argue whether or not he should use the wordd treason, but the truth sthe larger problem is we are devaluing the currency. that's not a right wing talking point. our currency is worth nothing relative to other first world countries. and that's the fed's problem. >> how much did you pay for a bottle? >> i'm glad you asked. an 8-ounce bottle in paris, and not a particularly nice restaurant, $10.
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>> and it didn't even have any water in it. >> that's uh -- that's amazing. perry mentioned saw seed frght union a longtime ago. why is that bad? texas is doing better than the united states. they could aeceede, right? >> i wish a few states would secedde. >> where would you start? >> california perhaps. that would be number one. i do think the poverty thing is not going to matter. why? poverty rates have gone up to record levels. they would say perry took stimulus money. they will say, perry used to be a democrat. so did ronald regan. >> i think a good slogan for perry and you don't have to pay for this, make us more like texas.
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>> well, they did suceede from the union. will it have more or fewer residents? >> i am not suggesting you do it about them being slightly less than the rest of the country. >> do you see this coming down to perry and romney? >> right now, yeah. i think michele bachmann is obviously formidable in the terms that she won iowa. in the long run do i think she will get the nomination? no. i think it will come down to romney and perry and we will see what happened. you can't discount the fact that the guy came strong out of iowa even though he didn't put his name on the ballot. he still got, what, 718 votes and placed ahead of mit on that and the poll numbers here. bottom line, it is anybody but obama. >> or how about perry is so very, elipsese. >> much better. >> mine has to rhyme. >> did you steel that from a
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shampoo slogan in the 80s? >> it was miss appropriated. >> kerry is so very -- i don't know it was a shaving cream or body product. >> it is time to move on. but we could talk about shampoo. i love shampoo. >> i love prell. >> use it. >> is the focus on jobs or the tea party mobs? president obama is on a three-day taxpayer funded tour of the u.s. but is it presidential or political? the latter according to my pet yes, sir bill, and he is -- gerbil, and he is never wrong. the white house insists it is not campaign related, but at a stop in cannon falls, minnesota talked turned from getting america back to work to all of the republican jerks. watch. >> i know it is not election season yet, but i just have to mention, the debate that the other party candidates were having the other day, when they were asked to reduce our
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deficit, reduce our debt, would you be willing to take a deal where it was $5 of spending cuts for every $1 of increased revenues? who would take it? everybody said no. i mean, that's just not common sense. >> he is doing that in the middle of a golf course. >> it might have turned out better. >> let me finish talking about it. elsewhere on the bus tour, one bo ma discussed his healthcare plan and took a swipe at mitt. really, he tried to hit him. >> you have a governor who is running for president right now who instituted the exact same thing in massachusetts. this used to be a republican idea. >> i didn't hit him. i lied. it wasn't all jobs and gop. on monday a tea partier confronted the prez on past jokes joe biden might have made. >> i would like to understand
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that. >> they always play the same music. speaking of biden, the vice president is touring the country separately. you >> he loves his high speed rail. >> it beats amtrak. >> that's true. that is amazing. tucker, he is the president, why shouldn't he venture forth across the country in a bus? >> he should. who cares? what is more interesting is what he said. when he went after romney, who i am not defending, and who should apologize for his
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ludacris healthcare plan, but he attacks him on the individual mandate, right? obama changed his position. he was against it during the debate with hillary clinton. he hammered her on that question. and now he has changed. this is a totally disingeneral wis attack. and it is winey. -- whiny. he is a whiny man. >> we paid for the bus tour. are we supposed -- shouldn't his campaign have paid for it if he is going around talking politics? >> it would have saved him a lot of criticism from folks like tucker, myself, you. yes, he should have paid for it. he is out there on some official business stop when he has been attacking mitt romney and others. i think the president needs to go away. i am on favor of him going on a very, very long vacation and shutting up for a very longtime. i think he said so much. he has contridicted himself so much. no one knows where he stands, so he should just go away. >> kim betterly, they spent --
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kimberly, they spent $1 million on this bus and purchased by the secret service. don't they get the money back if they use it for things like road trips and tailgating? it will pay itself off. >> tale geting at concerts and that -- tailgating at concerts and barbecuing and eating rib. >> it looks like a great rock of love bus. >> where is flava-flave and brett michaels? then it would be an awesome bus tour. he is getting off on the taxpayer dime and getting the trip for free. but he is campaigning. by the way, wouldn't you come pain if you had a dismal number in the polls? you would try to win re-election as well. >> why would you even go out on a bus tour with nothing to announce? he said when they asked about his job plan he said, i will have one in september. why not wait until september to do the bus tour. >> that whole job plan he treated it like a term paper. he has been putting it off. it is going to happen in
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september, but it is the night before he is drinking red bull and smoking cigarettes working on that jobs plan. have i been there. >> what do you call him, the procrastinator in chief? >> do you write your job plans the night before? >> exactly. they are never very good though. bill, you travel by bus and usually in the luggage rack. is riding by bus beneath the president? >> it is the most civilized way of traveling. i am also getting the vibe this is not the most pro obama table. they were hiding their talking points earlier. i am seeing the subtext. i think the taxpayers would like their president that they elected to get out there and see the america that he is destroying. >> i like it. >> i am getting the number after the show. >> addendum to the talking points. >> that's how it works, single guys. >> what did you make the tea party guy?
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i hate. it he was -- i thought there was no opposition when you do a bus tour. there is nobody -- this is the only way you are going to -- if obama is talking politics there needs to be somebody that provides the opposition. >> did you see the full response? the you will full response is they said incredibly mean things. how ill treated he has been and poor me and whoa is me. it is nauseous making. >> and how about when he said to the guy, you are not listening. isn't obama supposed to be on the listening tour 1234* what is wrong with him? >> oh boy. >> i don't like confrontation. i hate it from code pink and i hate it when people buzz bush. i don't think this guy is that bad. if you are going to do a bus
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tour, and you know there is no opposition, this is the only way you can actually have something interesting happen. >> this is why republicans should like this. this bus tour gives tea party people the sparse enough crowd for obama to hear them. so he heard what that guy was saying. that would not happen near the white house lawn. >> he has a right to say it too. give me a break. you are going out there. you are campaigning. let's be clear about this. >> i don't think he has a right. >> yes, he does. >> not in this country. >> i know rurks but what am i? coming up, do ugly people deserve to be taxed more because they are ugly? we discuss andrea's new book "are you a burden on my eyes so pay more, homely." first, our macho -- are macho guys more likely to be killed? they will beat the crap out of the answer when we return.
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he wants to arrest. he is calling for a boycott on campaign donations because he is sick of politicians bickering in their self-interest. he says they can force them to put the interest of the nation ahead of their own. if they would only stop giving them money. he issued a ban that they eat at starbucks. and equally rich powells saying "i found myself growing more and more frustrated at the lack of cooperation and responsibility among of elected officials that they put partisan agendas in front of the agenda." we are joined by the starbucks ceo himself.
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and you tell us how to live, sir while you drive around in your fancy apartment and in your sports car? >> that is weird. >> it is weird. >> maybe i should question his coffee now. >> maybe we should withhold our money from starbucks until he stops driving cars in large condos. >> immediately. >> i don't know about that. i already lost interest in that protest. are they putting partisan agendas in front of people's agendas? is he whining? >> i have seen this before. the lesson is, you can be a successful businessman and have stunning political opinions. truly my kids have more interesting things to say than politicians putting together partisan politicians. >> shouldn't the guy lower the price of his expensive swill before wining about this? isn't that the real problem? >> everything is $4 in there. >> i think this guy is really impressed. >> you snow -- you know who is
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there? the customer service people. >> and they always get it right. did you see the stacks of books this guy wrote? he is really high on himself so he wants to be bipartisan. he actually sent an e-mail to his friends and you know the other ceos are like, good idea. cut a $1 million check to barack obama. nobody is listening to him. >> do you think they did the little voice thing? >> how would they ever hear them? >> there is some stupid, rich lobbyist in need of influence will jump in there. this guy is a real idiot. >> he is annoying. and now he is leaving a bad taste in my mouth like starbucks at the end of the day when they have it left in the container and too cheap to make a fresh pot. annoying. >> when i get that, i have to be close to you know where because it ain't good. i won't get into the details here. or maybe i shall. we have time. there i was -- >> we have video. >> yes, i have some on my cell
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phone. this is me running down the street. >> it is pretty impressive. >> bill, in lieu of having money skills or original thought, how do you help your favorite politicians? >> this one had a question mark at the end of it, i give you that. it was not just an insult. it was a stunt to detract us from the real story. last week a "consumer reports" study did a taste test on wal-mart coffee and starbucks coffee. and the taste test tied with starbucks. even though wal-mart is $3 a pound. this mr. shultz will boycott that mr. shultz on the eyes of his store. >> isn't that your dad? >> real shultz put a t in their name. do you say mozart? >> terrible example. i don't remember this guy saying this stuff when people were hating on bush. this is a subtle way of saying why can't we all agree with obama? the real story is that starbucks has become the
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equivalent of the public library. nobody goes to the library anymore for their pooping or free loading or sleeping. all of the bums go to starbucks for their pooping and free load scpig won't say what else they are doing, but we know what it is. >> free sara mclaughlin downloads. they love it. >> that's true. >> that's huge jie. and starbucks is not safe anymore. it is like perv .com there. >> i would argue wherever you go there tends to be a concentration of pervs following you. i wouldn't blame starbucks. i blame you walking around all these guys chasing you going -- >> they are weird there and instead of writing your name on the cup they write "you are purty" p-u-r-t-y. gi which starbucks do you go to? west virginia? >> no, but it is closer than wal-mart. god knows where i will find that.
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>> are you sure this is not a deli in east harlem? there is a difference. >> i think we learned something here today. not really, we never learn anything. that's the beauty of the show. in fact, you get dumber by watching us. just kidding. do you have a comment on the show, e-mail us at red eye at fox fox news .com. or call 212-462-5050. still to corjs the half time report from -- still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by horse dentists. thanks horse dentists. blp
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. to are that we go to tv's andy levy. andy? >> greg? >> kimberly got a tear in her nylons. >> oh no. >> should we stop down? >> maybe. >> well, i don't know. we will press on. and bill bit his tongue. >> he really did. >> he bit his tongue. >> who? >> bill. >> who cares. >> at least pan down for her. >> rick perly -- rick perry stuff. first of all, bless his heart. you do realize that by not leading with ron paul tonight we will get scolded by john stewart? >> god forbid. >> you brought up the fact that president obama himself addressed rick perry today and as a former press secretary
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that means he is worried about him. wasn't it just last week romney was worried? >> they are worried about both of them. >> that's a boring answer. >> i was expecting a nice obama bashing point about how it shows how stupid they are that a week ago they were worried about romney when they should be worried about perry. >> that is stupid about barack obama all of a sudden to worry about rick perry. he knew rick perry was getting into the race. he cooperate say anything negative last week on the golf course or something? what a loser. >> i am so sick of your obama bashing. please stop it. god, just say he should be worried about both of them and move on. >> i am so confused. >> and also you said you don't know how tall perry s. i believe he is 6 foot 1. >> more like 6 well done. >> that is what so very wrong. >> have you seen this show?
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you should have said that on "the five." ladies, cold on. you are in our studio now. >> kimberly, andrea, bill is correct. >> thank you. thank you. >> he really is. he has a point. what can we say? >> kimberly, you said perry's comments about fed chairman bernanke that he was being authentic, but she a guy with a little something, something. first of all, don't say something, something. >> something, something. i lining -- like it. >> no, you don't. i am all for authenticity, but throwing the word treason nuss around. >> okay we messed that up. i think it was meant in a good way. your skateboard is treason nuss. man. >> it is like bad meeting good. >> exactly. drinking their mountain dew
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and doing a h hearty curl. >> it means really loyal when they say it on the street. >> andrea, regarding carl rove's comments, bush doesn't like perry and perry doesn't like bush. you are fired. >> thanks for forgiving that to me in advance. and since this is my last "red eye." >> say something good about obama. >> obama is really -- never mind. >> tucker regarding the texas job stuff can i ask you a question? >> of course. >> is that okay? >> of course you may. >> can perry take all of the credit? >> no politician can take credit. politicians are in power to destroy economies, but not really to create jobs. but he has gotten out of the way and the state has done great. he has as much right as anybody to brag. >> i just want you to know that my point was i think it is fair to say that perry kept out of the way of the state's economic.
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>> it is a mind melt. >> obama's bus tour. >> i agree with tucker. who cares? >> the president's campaign should have paid for this trip. it would have shut up people like you and tucker, but tucker said who cares? >> it would have at least shut me up. that's hard to do. >> of course it is a campaign trip, right? >> they should pay for it. the taxpayer should not pay for it. >> the thing sit is a two-fer. he is out there and he can't help. it it is a little over a year until the next election. everything is a campaign event. >> it is not his fault. >> and the one person he meets he has a verbal altercation with. can't he handle anything? >> just one thing, right, andrea? just one.
3:36 am
i made sure we killed bin laden, but aside from that, one. >> can you say anything positive about him? >> he is a good dad. >> that was positive. good job. >> andy is a good dad. >> and i like that he smokes too. is that wrong? >> oh my god. >> he cares too much. he -- >> he does care too much. he needs to be like me. and he has enough money. he wants to raise a billion dollars. i'm sick of it. >> seriously. >> tucker, you seem shocked that greg writes the job plans the night before they are due. >> yes. >> do you see that guy two seats over, does that change your mind? >> i always imagine bill's hiring was a result of much fore thought. >> as was my facial hair.
3:37 am
>> i hid him in my car and then went back to my garage and he wouldn't die. so then i went out and partied for a few days and he was sitting in my living room. >> must like bruce willis, i am unbreakable. >> starbucks ceo sends e-mail to employees in france. i love how he sent the e-mail to starbucks employees, like he is paying them enough to make political donations. >> don't they sponsor morning joe, by the way? >> oh. >> i am trying not to care. >> it is morning joe brewed by starbucks in a trendy cup near the title. >> how do you know that, bill? >> it is best to pay attention to the competition less we not know what they do. >> it is a misnomer. you have to understand morning joe is not named after joe -- what's his name? >> scarborough. >> it is after something else. and it is an awful, awful act.
3:38 am
>> like coffee? >> no, just don't ask for a morning joe. >> or if you do wear goggles. >> oh my gosh. take a break. no problem. >> are we done? >> yes, kind of. >> last week you said starbucks was now like perv .com? >> yes, it is. i am telling you. come with me, and you will see what i am talking about. you go in there and there is a bunch of freaks and everybody looking at you weird, sideways, dressed like him. >> that is like coming to "red eye." >> yes, kind of like this show. >> i am siting in the green room and waiving creepily at people. >> and you can see the guy wearing the same shirt as he wore the day before and he is pretending to be on the computer. >> it was a different pacely. >> and now my whole point is i have to explain to the bosses
3:39 am
why i went to perv .com. >> they have dates on those. >> and i am fired so i can't explain anything. >> are you done there? >> yes jie. i will see new the back half of the show, my friend. coming up, is being beautiful a daily struggle? we discuss kimberly's new book, "no it isn't, but thanks for asking." first it is a story that is shaking this country down to its very foundation. wait, we are not doing that story. th is about a kid who makes a hockey shot.
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it was a sin to swap skins? so a boy nails a shot during a celebrity hockey game winning $50,000. only that he was not supposed to take the shot. his twin brother nick was. but nick stepped outside when his name was called. the boy's dad later confessed to the switch. and now they may thought get the $50,000. worse, they may go to jail for life. and it will be in thailand. >> what? >> not really. let's discuss this in something -- >> lightning round. >> weird. that's so weird. >> andrea, you said in the green room you think the whole family should go to jail. >> no, i didn't say that. >> i know, i was kidding. >> but i do think this story is ridiculous. if the four of us or five of us or even andy, let's include him, were at an event and got
3:44 am
the raffle tickets like they did and they said who ever wins gets to take the shot and they called my number, i can give my ticket to tucker or kimberly, and you can go do the shot. what's the big deal here? i don't understand what the controversy is. >> i believe his name was on it. >> i don't think -- it is like those raffle -- as i understand it. >> tucker has information on this that we didn't bother to read. >> exactly. >> they did tell the truth. >> it wasn't the right kid. take a sword and cut the puck in half. >> i thought you wanted to cut something else in half. >> kimberly, are you a legal eagle. aren't the twins one person and therefore deserve the money. >> if you look at it from a scientific perspective and do an analysis of the dna you have a great point. that's what i would argue. how can you tell the difference? swab them. come on. in the spirit of the idea of the competition, give the
3:45 am
kid -- the boys are going to split it anyway. so come on. >> his name wasn't on the ticket. >> beck said it earlier on "the five" the company would do well to give the money. it would make them look like good people. so it is a win-win as i like to say. those would be the names of my twins, win-win. these kids stand to make more in one shot than you will in your life. >> have i no sympathy. but you are right. what doo they call twins? nature's clones. >> they do not call them that. >> they do. andy can look that up. two is really one. but isn't this an insurance company that is hold of d.a -- holding the contest? they will get nothing. it is an insurance company. >> they can say the kids are guilty of fraud and put them behind bars. >> come on, in thailand? >> we are supposed to think this is the first time they pulled the switcher re? -- switcheroo?
3:46 am
come on, please. any movie you have seen like "parent swap" or" parent trap." >> my two dads" twins are pulling these all the time. they rob banks and pull off major mass killings these twins. >> not to freak you out, but it happens with rape cases. you can't tell in the dna -- no, i have had that as a prosecutor. the brother said, i am the one who did it and it is a whole issue. >> way to bring us down. i was just exaggerating and you actually had a fact. that's the problem with "red eye" when my exaggerations meet cold, hard facts. i end up speechless and rambling like some kook high on some narcotic made with methane and window cleaner. a new study from the university of oklahoma finds macho men are more likely to die in an accident. southern and western states with a culture of honor have
3:47 am
higher accidental death rates for white males. the study defines culture of honor as a relentless defense of masculine reputation. it sounds like feminist dribble meant to down grade sweaty, well-built men like myself. >> when obama heard this he said i hope rick perry threatens the fed again. >> way to bring it back to the whole political issue. >> right. but i don't care. >> this is a failed attack on the north. it says northern men are all wooses. >> it is like the dixie are whats. -- wars. that's why everybody loves rick perry from texas. isn't this true? both of you have made -- >> both of you have made it into a political issue. somebody who gets into a lot of bar fights. does this make sense? >> nobody is standing up for
3:48 am
the prerogative for people to live out their culture. some things are worth dying for. >> yeah, like not getting embarassed in front of your high school friends. >> that's true. exactly. >> if i don't jump off this roof and into the swimming pool they will thought respect me. >> i saw that. they were gravely injured. >> it is better than the alternative which is considered to be a woos by your buddies. >> every one of the stories starts out great and ends on a sober note. it is like an after school special. bill, according to the theory, you could live forever. >> look, i don't want to end this story on another sad note, but i am offended by everything you said. in 1982 a macho man killed my father. it still hurts. >> the ceo of starbucks? >> no, but he was wearing all leather and a muss stash. he was a good singer. either way a macho man killed my father. >> no, he didn't.
3:49 am
>> but what this study is saying is being a man is hazardous to your health. men take more risks. and they die falling off bridges. >> it interferes with the brain power. >> they do it because women like it. if they didn't get laid doing it -- men don't do anything women don't like. they like violence. do you think if women withheld sex in the face of violence we would have a war? of course not. >> if you want to take it further -- >> so wars are caused by women because men want sex? >> all war is caused by women. >> women reward reckless behavior in men. that's why men commit it. >> and then when they don't reward it we continue to be reckless. what if we do if we do something cool and the women reject u.s.? we get drunk. >> i have 20 seconds before this gets cutoff so i have to take a break. >> all right. >> and remember to check out the red eye pod cast. there is a new one every day. go to fox news radio .com. click on "red eye."
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tonight we talked about andy's nightmares for a change.
3:51 am
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>> so that's what those things are for. i see those on the road, and they are -- no one is ever using them. so they are for pool parties. >> cool. >> labor day, here we come.
3:55 am
>> exactly. >> a guy came up with that idea. >> a macho guy. >> and a girl wouldn't sleep with him because of it. he went to a bar and got loaded. >> she will now. >> we will close things out with the post game wrap up from tv's andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows go to
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see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for "the five". coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." we have pe gillette from penn and teller and lauren sivan and the great jim floreni ne e. and now back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> we asked viewers to tweet their questions for tonight's guest to the red eye twitter account. and quite frankly if they don't get better, this
3:59 am
spearment is over. tucker, hunter asked why you stopped wearing your famous bow tie. >> i was sick of people screaming obscenities to me at penn station. >> is that a true story? >> totally true. >> excellent. >> see, you learn something on this show. >> in the last five minutes. >> exactly. a person whose twitter name is kathy said, did you enjoy spending an additional hour with greg today or does it make you feel taller. >> i did like. it but these make me feel taller. >> you are welcome. >> greg just makes me feel like a woman. >> quickly, finally, kimberly, what was the most satisfying legal case you won or have been a part of. >> tucker, did you get some kind of award? >> i won for gal gal lent


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